Mac OS X Mavericks breaks iWork ´09!

by Dr. Stack van Hay | 31. Oktober 2013 14:08

If you need the merge feature of iWork ´09 you better back away from MacOS X Mavericks! The mail merge feature in iWork ´09 breaks when you upgrade your OS to Mavericks!

Detailed Description

While all the relevant menu entries are still available and you will be able to choose your source-document and so on, when it comes to selecting the colums of the Numbers-document to use for merging you simply have exactly one choice: the first column. Thats it. All other columns of the Numbers table are not accessible from pages.

Upgrading won´t help

Yes, it´s possible to update to iWork 5 and yes, even without paying!

But upgrading won´t help you since the new iWork 5 doesn´t support merging any more! It seems, while they´re upgrading the Mac Pro, they´re retargeting the iWork suite away from soho towards private toying around.


I tested this on several computers and with newly created and proven-to-work old files: no hope. It´s broken.

When I copied iWork ´09 to a computer running Mountain-Lion things worked on Mavericks not.

Conspiracy theory

You think bad things can happen? Yes, they can! But I think Apple was fully aware of this problem! Maybe that is the reason, why they stopped merging support in iWork 5? They did not wan´t to delay the release of either Mavericks or iWork 5 by waiting for the underlaying problem to be solved that is what i think. And it´s not the first time at all that the guys in cupertino behave like this.

Incomplete List of removed features

  1. Accented Characters in Footer
  2. Alignment Guides
  3. Background Object selectable
  4. Bookmarks and Links
  5. Bullet points in comments
  6. Capture pages/sections
  7. Character Styles
  8. Import of older .pages formatting – Not Clean
  9. Customizable Toolbar
  10. Default Start Up page
  11. Delete page
  12. Drag and Drop VCards
  13. Drag reorganize pages
  14. Duplicate pages
  15. Endnotes
  16. Export to .txt or .rtf
  17. Facing pages
  18. Find & Replace special characters (e.g. paragraph returns)
  19. Images within Tables
  20. Import Styles
  21. Insert File Name
  22. Layout Breaks
  23. Layout Margins
  24. List Styles
  25. Mail Merge
  26. Manage Pages
  27. Mask with shapes other than rectangle
  28. Mathtype/Grapher Equations/Formulae within Pages
  29. Media Inspector links to Aperture Library
  30. Media Inspector links to iPhoto library on external drive
  31. Merge Fields
  32. Multiple Comments view
  33. Open Type features
  34. Outline view
  35. Paste and keep style
  36. Retain zoom level of document
  37. Search comments
  38. Search in Media Browser
  39. Search Sidebar
  40. Select all instances of a Style
  41. Select non-contiguous text
  42. Selective formatting in Character Styles
  43. Storyboards
  44. Style Function key shortcuts
  45. Styles Drawer
  46. Subscript/superscript buttons
  47. T.O.C. clean numbering
  48. Tables in Headers/Footers
  49. Tables to Text
  50. Text to Tables
  51. Textbox linking
  52. Two-up view
  53. User Guide (?)
  54. Vertical Ruler
  55. Word (.DOCX) export to iCloud

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